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Foreclosure represents the brand-new real estate “F” word. With numbers mounting since the bubble burst in 2007, foreclosure has become a regular daily occurrence from Wall Street to Main Street. Statistics tell us that an alarming number of homeowners currently at risk of foreclosure do nothing to halt it, primarily because they do not know what to do. For homeowners like this, humiliated and disjointed about the foreclosure method, the good news is that you have resources available to deliver you from the gaping jaws of the foreclosure process

Homeowners might be capable of refinancing an existing mortgage and then apply the cashed-out equity to pay off the arrearage. This will hinge on the number of payments the borrower omitted and how tarnished his or her credit is at the time of closing on the refinanced loan. For many homeowners, this may not be possible without additional help

Repayment Plan

Numerous lenders will work with homeowners to institute a repayment plan that brings them current with belated or neglected payments. The basal repayment plan functions by tallying a minor amount of money on to the normal monthly payment until the arrearage is absolved. This can be done over one or two years in most cases and requires paperwork outlining the new agreement signed by a notary public


During a loan modification, the homeowner and lender work collectively to outline a brand-new loan, oftentimes drawing out the loan term while bringing down interest rates and payments to a controllable amount. It is significant to remonstrate that mortgage modifications are awarded on a case-by-case basis, and require several weeks for approval

Housing and Urban Development Partial Claim

If a homeowner has a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan, he or she may be able to get a defrayal from the Federal Housing Administration mortgage indemnity fund. If a claim is payable, the fund pays a percentage or every late or missed payment on behalf of the homeowner. If there is any left over, the remainder is applied to the homeowner’s past-due interest. Once the missing payments and interest is current, the lender ceases foreclosure proceedings


In terrible cases of semi-permanent financial hardship, homeowners can apply for a specialized longanimity program. This program would temporarily freeze or reduce payments if the lender sanctions the forbearance. There is a tidy sum of paperwork affiliated with the operation, but it is a very potent technique, aiding homeowners and barricading foreclosure.

Whenever the homeowner’s property goes on the foreclosure auction block, the homeowner possesses the right to bid on the property using hard currency or a fresh loan as collateral. If he wins the bid and can ante up the banknote, he spares his house once the auction concludes

Right of Redemption

A few states extend homeowners a right to save their property, even post foreclosure. This is more complex than containing the foreclosure prior to the paperwork going through, but can be a last ditch alternative to salvage a house. Homeowners must confer with a lawyer concerning state jurisprudences and eligibility for this alternative, nonetheless

Although all of these techniques call for diametrical amounts of collateral and paperwork and each come with diverse periods and bureaucratic procedure, they apportion one primary thread; all necessitate contacting your lender to ascertain what your options are first. If your lender is not amenable to work with you to save your home from foreclosure, find your local Department of Housing and Urban Development office and confer with a housing advocate; this is costless and it just might salvage your most valuable asset

Regardless, it is important to note that any method to prevent foreclosure is only temporary. If a homeowner violates the terms of his or her workout program; foreclosure is inevitable. Therefore, it is important to abide by all terms set forth by your lender
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